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Strong partner for oxygen supplies

HOYER supports infrastructural supply through flexible use of equipment and transport

Hamburg 1 April 2021 –There has been a significant increase in worldwide demand for oxygen during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to its international presence, the HOYER Group makes an important contribution to the infrastructural support of supplies to hospitals and medical establishments. The logistics company provides tank container equipment flexibly for worldwide use, and undertakes transport services.

HOYER has many years of expertise in transporting and handling liquefied and compressed gases. Each product has specific demands in this respect – but high safety requirements all along the logistics chain are common to all of them, to guarantee consistent product quality and to protect people and the environment. The Covid-19 pandemic’s impacts show the importance of prompt provision of some of these products: worldwide demand for supplies of medical oxygen increased rapidly. For its transport, HOYER is in close contact with its customers regarding the supply situation and, for example, has given drivers in its European business product-specific training. This allows the logistics specialist to reliably and securely meet even supply peaks at short notice – in certified quality.

Time is a critical factor when delivering medical oxygen – and so is the worldwide availability of suitable equipment. HOYER proved its great flexibility in both respects: in only two days, the company’s specialist team arranged the provision of three oxygen tank containers that were air freighted from Europe to South America. A large number of these containers were brought into use at short notice in Brazil, Chile and Peru. HOYER is also a strong, reliable partner in critical demand situations in Europe, and supported oxygen supplies to hospitals and medical establishments in countries including the Czech Republic, Serbia and Croatia by providing equipment and organising intermodal transport to Eastern Europe. Tank container deliveries to Southern Europe also allowed supplies to regions in Africa.

There is also a growing requirement in dry ice logistics –this product is used, among other things, for Covid-19 vaccines that need appropriate cooling. HOYER carries out dry ice transport movements punctually, safely and securely in the whole of Europe. According to Anna Krüger, Head of Business Development Gas in the HOYER Group, “Dry ice is a highly volatile product and must be handled correspondingly quickly but safely. In this respect, we can rely on our many years of expertise and flexibility, and on our large network of drivers with product-specific training.”

HOYER is a strong, flexible partner to provide equipment and undertake safe, secure gas transport services thanks to its fleet of tank containers available worldwide, specialist know-how and intensive international networking.

HOYER, a traditional independent family business, has been one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers since 1946. As a specialist, it has extensive know-how in the provision of complex services, and has special customer proximity. It develops and implements comprehensive solutions in European and worldwide bulk logistics, particularly in the chemical, food, gas and mineral oil industries. For this, about 6,100 employees in more than 115 countries support clients with well-thought-out logistics solutions to make them even more successful in their respective markets. HOYER owns around 2,200 trucks, 2,400 road tankers, 50,100 IBCs, 40,800 tank containers and numerous logistics installations with depots, cleaning plants and workshops.

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