HOYER truck with tankcontainer in Rotterdam
HOYER truck with tankcontainer in Rotterdam

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From the USA via Great Britain and Germany to China and Australia, whether it is a demanding good or a harmless substance: HOYER brings your chemical products, gases, mineral oil products and foodstuffs to their destination safely, efficiently and quickly. That is what we stand for.

HOYER Group employees in safety clothing during the loading of a chemical tank container from road to rail
HOYER Group employees in safety clothing during the loading of a chemical tank container from road to rail


Transport is our business. We offer companies a full-service package in the logistics area: We undertake all the tasks, from planning and dispatching to fleet management and carrying out the transport operation. HOYER moves your demanding products around the entire globe, by road, by rail in intermodal transport and by sea. We carry out the entire process from loading to unloading at the destination.

Our regional and local representative offices in more than 100 countries enable smooth, worldwide transport execution, taking country-specific standards into account. We give the highest priority to flexibility, safety and sustainability, as well as to compliance with statutory and legal requirements. Transport movements are constantly optimised via a internally-controlled network, and the optimum routing for you is analysed.

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HOYER employee with tablet in front of smart logistics tankcontainer
HOYER employee with tablet in front of smart logistics tankcontainer


The characteristic features of our fleet are not only its size, but also the large number of different transport containers. From tank containers and road tankers to intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), we always supply a container that is perfectly suitable for transporting your product. We will also provide you with special equipment when necessary – HOYER produces tailor-made specially fabricated items with well-known partners. And there is something that makes our offer even better: our modern tank containers are fitted with intelligent telematics as standard equipment. This enables a hitherto unparalleled level of safety quality and fleet optimisation. Our smart trucks and smart tanks are the core of our fleet. And we use a modern fleet of  over 1,200 trucks for road transport throughout Europe.

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Sustainability is important to us, which is why we have specialised in developing sustainable concepts and solutions for all aspects of liquid goods transport. Always in partnership-based collaboration with our customers and their needs. For example, we pay attention to sustainability in reducing emissions, and we offer a variety of solutions for reduced-CO2 transport operations. Our trucks belong to the most up-to-date generations for low environmental impacts. We are also testing alternative drive systems for road transport.

Our experts are there with their know-how to proactively help you with consultancy services to permanently optimise transport operations. Throughout the entire process, they identify measures to increase efficiency in the supply chain, and they develop innovative logistics solutions: from digital technologies to payload-optimised equipment.

We do all of this because we see ourselves as a logistics solutions provider: there is no challenge that we are unwilling to tackle together with you, and to solve to your satisfaction.

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Goeffrey Hogenbirk

Geoffrey Hogenbirk

Transport of chemicals and gas overseas

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Tobias Geissinger

Tobias Geissinger

Intermodal gas transports Europe

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Marcel van Zijl

Marcel van Zijl

Foodstuff transport operations, overseas

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