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Sector experts

The range of experts in HOYER is large. Every employee uses knowledge, experience, energy and care to make an important contribution to inspiring customers with excellent services and meaningful solutions. Everyone from our drivers to the top management brings his/her individual know-how and expertise into our company. This results in the development of synergies and innovative ideas that pave a safe pathway to the future, not only for our customers but also for ourselves. And we have already taken that pathway for a long time: thanks to our exceptionally good staff, we are one of the world’s market leaders in the logistics sector.


HOYER has a team of sector experts with vast know-how working exclusively on the subject of digitalisation and the development of innovative digitalisation solutions. The digital transformation has also changed the logistics sector. The rise in digitalisation spurred us on to further optimise our logistics performances, and to expand our range of logistics solutions by adding previously undreamt-of services. Our aim was to occupy a pioneering role as digitalisation experts in the logistics of transporting liquid goods. We achieved this in record time – and are constantly doing more work on it. The heart of our efforts: Smart Logistics.

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When it is a question of giving customers the right advice and achieving the best result for them, our many operating staff are the people who get logistics moving. Every transport or handling order is different. That is why our customers particularly appreciate our commitment to finding new routes and logistics solutions for complex challenges, as well as our numerous standards upon which we can call flexibly in time and geography. They can take the form of more efficient processes, new tools, different services, further development or modification of tank containers, or even advice about overarching integrated logistics processes along the supply chain.

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Our team, which consists of our own engineers and chemists, gives us a strong competitive advantage in the market. The so-called “commercial chemists” (literally) ensure that the chemistry between the product being transported and the tank container material is correct. They take care of product-specific requirements, and examine transport-related enquiries about various different products. They determine the appropriate type of container based on analyses carried out and on the product’s specifications. Material compatibility is given top priority.

HOYER stores all the product information in an internal data base. A considerable number: around 125,000 products are already on file – with detailed information about specifications and transport requirements. We can retrieve this information at the touch of a button, and can thus provide the optimum transport container for your product. If pushing a button does not produce any solution, our chemists do research on alternative materials, and forward their recommendations to our engineers, who prepare specifications to build new tanks. Work on made-to-measure solutions then takes place, together with external tank container manufacturers and chemistry laboratories.

Our engineers undertake continuous quality testing during the production of new tank containers, together with technical consultancy from A to Z. As our customer, you benefit from the services of our Customer Service Team, which can be contacted about your concerns at any time, worldwide.

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