We take responsibility


Faultless ethical, lawful conduct is of the very greatest importance for the HOYER Group. We act with integrity and are committed to compliance with legal requirements, internal guidelines and ethical principles. Compliance is an essential part of our mission statement as a sustainable family business.

Code of Conduct

The general and HOYER-specific requirements for the conduct of employees in performing their tasks within the company are set out in the HOYER Group Code of Conduct.

Compliance Hotline

The HOYER Group has set up a whistleblower system that enables all employees worldwide, as well as external persons, to report a violation of statutory provisions or of other regulations of the HOYER Code of Conduct. Reporting observed or suspected violations can be done via a digital reporting form, even anonymously if desired. The reporting form can also be filled out in languages other than German or English. Each report is submitted to a neutral, external law firm, where it is examined and forwarded to the HOYER Group, anonymously if desired.

The Chief Compliance Officer of the HOYER Group examines each reported matter with the involvement of the legal department and local management. All information is treated as strictly confidential. The whistleblower need not fear any disadvantages, even if the report turns out to be unjustified. These and further details about the Compliance Hotline are governed in the HOYER Group’s Whistleblower Policy.

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Suppliers’ Code

HOYER stands for sustainable, entrepreneurial thinking and action. We are aware of our social responsibility and our responsibility to protect the environment and to ensure sustainability performance in our supply chain as well. For this, we oblige our suppliers to obey the HOYER Supplier Code of Conduct.