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You will find the right contact person for every HOYER business area here. Our contact partners look forward to your phone call or email.


Chemical logistics

Michel de Kramer

Transport of chemicals in Europe+31 10 2953 253michel.kramer@hoyer-group.com

Geoffrey Hogenbirk

Transport of chemicals overseas+31 181 69 1670geoffrey.hogenbirk@hoyer-group.com

Selcuk Cingi

Supply Chain Services+49 2133 975 212selcuk.cingi@hoyer-group.com




Gas logistics

Tobias Geissinger

Intermodal gas transports Europe+49 8621 8005 150tobias.geissinger@hoyer-group.com

Geoffrey Hogenbirk

Gas transports, overseas+31 181 69 1670geoffrey.hogenbirk@hoyer-group.com

Carina Meyer

Gas container leasing worldwide+49 40 21044 666carina.meyer@hoyer-group.com

Anna Krüger

Gas transports by road+49 151 527 66 547anna.krueger@hoyer-group.com




Mineral oil and bitumen logistics

Richard Thompson

Mineral oil transports, Europe+47 9593 6116richard.thompson@hoyer-group.com

David Dykes

Into plane services+44 7825 939046david.dykes@hoyer-group.com

Friedrich Wilhelm Wilke

Bitumen transports, Europe+49 40 2100 9619friedrich-wilhelm.wilke@hoyer-group.com




Foodstuffs logistics

Brian Woudsma

Foodstuff transport operations, overseas+31 181 69 1623brian.woudsma@hoyer-group.com

Marcel van Zijl

Foodstuff transport operations, overseas+31 181 69 1668marcel.zijl@hoyer-group.com




Intermodal transport management

Thorben Lohse

Intermodal transport operations+49 40 21044 523thorben.lohse@hoyer-group.com




Other contact partners

Mark Binns

Sustainable Management+44 1484 447218mark.binns@hoyer-group.com

Dieter Platz

Training container+49 2133 975 302dieter.platz@hoyer-group.com

Dr. Peter Jürging


Svenja Rüde


Mandy Kranich

Human Resourceshuman.resources@hoyer-group.com

Christiane Janzen-Roders

Assistant to the Executive Boardchristiane.janzen-roders@hoyer-group.com

Angela Rohlf-Kipperer

Friedel und Walter Hoyer-Stiftung+49 40 21044 213angela.rohlf-kipperer@hoyer-group.com