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HOYER Group updates tank container fleet:

Around 3,000 tanks planned by the end of 2023.

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Hamburg, 06 October 2023 – The HOYER Group, operating globally and specialising in liquid goods, plans to renew its fleet of tank containers used worldwide with around 3,000 tanks by the end of 2023. This step is being taken as part of a fleet update to meet the demand for specialist equipment for chemical products and liquid foodstuffs in European road and intermodal transport as well as in overseas logistics in particular. It is a response by the HOYER Group, one of the world’s leading logistics providers with solutions along the entire supply chain, to the growing demands of its customers’ product portfolios.

Björn Schniederkötter, Chief Executive Officer of the HOYER Group, says, “Our investment in around 3,000 new tank containers underlines our commitment to our customers and our obligation to put forward innovative solutions for the ever-changing marketplace. We look forward to modernising our fleet and strengthening our presence in various markets to continue offering first-class logistics services along the whole of the supply chain.” The HOYER Group has one of the most modern fleets in the world, and continuously invests in its equipment.

HOYER sets its own high standards for sustainable transport solutions. When selecting production partners, the HOYER Group also attaches great importance to quality and to complying with all international safety and environmental regulations. Accordingly, the new tank containers are being produced by renowned manufacturers in South Africa and China to meet these highest quality standards. The delivery includes special tanks for chemicals as well as tanks with specifications for foodstuff products. The new tanks can be used in versatile ways, and enable the safe and efficient transport of a wide range of liquid goods. This step will enable the HOYER Group to increase its flexibility in global availability and to better fulfil new product and customer requirements.

The HOYER Group remains true to its strategy of shaping the logistics of the future through innovative, customised solutions with a strong customer focus. With its expertise and a global network offering uniform quality and safety standards, the HOYER Group is a flexible, reliable and safe partner even in a dynamically-developing market environment. The HOYER Group is proud of its commitment to sustainability, safety and customer satisfaction.

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About the HOYER Group

HOYER, a traditional independent family business, has been one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers since 1946. As a specialist, it has extensive know-how in the provision of complex services, with particular customer proximity. It develops and implements comprehensive solutions in European and worldwide bulk logistics, especially in the chemical, food, gas and petroleum products industries. For this, employees and representatives in more than 96 countries on five continents support clients with well-thought-out logistics solutions to make them even more successful in their respective markets. As well as trucks, road tankers, IBCs and tank containers, HOYER also owns numerous logistics plants with depots, cleaning facilities and workshops.

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