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Road transport safety

The HOYER Group invests in modern fleet equipment and proactive safety technology

Active turning assistant in a truck of the HOYER Group

Hamburg, 27 January 2022 -Safety in the entire logistics process is a core topic in the HOYER Group, and a driving force of continuous improvement activities. The international logistics company has proactively invested in safety equipment for heavy goods road transport for a long time. This also comprises technical innovations to protect especially endangered road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. It includes the active turning assistant, which is integrated into new trucks and is being successively retrofitted on older fleet trucks.

A large part of the fleet, which was equipped with 500 new trucks as recently as 2020, is already fitted with active turning assistants. These use cameras, ultrasonics, radar or infrared sensors to detect people and objects in the truck’s immediate danger zone, the blind spot, and to alert drivers by means of high-intensity audible and visual signals. Blinking side marker lights are designed to give pedestrians and cyclists early warning of the turning manoeuvre, and so are warning stickers (“Caution: Blind Spot!”) attached in their immediate field of view.

HOYER has often deployed new safety technology even before it was legally mandatory – including the Emergency Brake Assistant (AEBS - Advanced Emergency Braking System), which automatically brakes the truck if the driver does not respond, thus avoiding collisions. The “TailGuard” safety system, which supports drivers by warnings and automatic brake applications when reversing, has been installed on many fleet trucks since 2017. HOYER trucks have already driven since 2012 with full side panels that avoid cyclists being accidentally dragged under the wheels. Side-mounted cameras to see into the blind spot were already helping drivers since 2010, as forerunners of today’s turning assistants. New and unique throughout the sector is the attachment of an additional warning light, similar to a construction site lamp, at the rear of the truck. The driver can operate this manually, thus warning other road users. This additional safety system, which we developed ourselves, is increasingly being used in the fleet, thus further reducing the risk of accidents.

Daniel Pfeifer, Fleet Manager for HOYER Mineralöllogistik, bitumen logistics and HOYER Transportservice, explains: “Through the farsighted development and consistent implementation of our safety strategies, we are in the fortunate position that we are constantly reducing the number of accidents. Of course, we want not just fewer, but ideally none at all.” These strategies include investing in effective safety technologies, adding new safety features to expand the existing equipment, and training the drivers. Thomas Stegemann, SHEQ Manager for HOYER, says: “In addition to training drivers on the training ground and journeys accompanied by a Master Driver, HOYER uses driving simulators with which training can be given in a wide variety of traffic scenarios, and reactions in hazardous situations can be tested and improved.”

The ongoing development of a “Near Miss Blackspot” app for truck transports is especially important for the local area in Germany. Highway areas with critical driving situations are currently being documented and assessed by a telematics system. The aim: to adapt truck route planning in good time so as not to get into potentially dangerous situations in the first place. HOYER has successfully used the app for proactive accident avoidance in Great Britain since 2021.

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