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A strong partner for bitumen logistics

HOYER Group provides agile logistics management with the highest safety standards

Hamburg, 12 August 2021 -The international logistics company HOYER is regarded as an expert in handling challenging liquid goods in the chemical, gas, foodstuffs and petroleum products industries. The HOYER Group has also made a name for itself in bitumen logistics in Europe with forward-looking planning, agile management and the highest safety standards. In the summer of 2021, these safe, solution-oriented services led to a bitumen logistics contract in the United Kingdom being extended with PUMA for a further five years.

The HOYER Group places special value on an efficient service concept tailored to the customer in all areas of application. The logistics specialist supplies complete bitumen logistics management teams: they undertake loading and unloading at customer sites, the associated capacity utilisation planning and driving personnel scheduling, and they optimise fleet utilisation. For our customers, we both assign a fleet for their exclusive useand also allocate additional, qualified personnel and equipment to absorb order peaks. This allows our customers to concentrate on their core business, while HOYER gives safe, agile, reliable support for their dynamic market growth.

Bitumen products are used in various areas, including asphalting highways, roofing or sealing, and so the product’s composition varies according to its use. The HOYER Group, as a specialist for dangerous goods, is one of the leading providers of transport for liquid bitumen in the United Kingdom. The product, which is loaded at around 170°C, needs special equipment that keeps the temperature stable during the entire period of transport. HOYER works closely with a number of leading suppliers to ensure all equipment meets the highest safety standards whilst remaining at the leading edge of innovation and design. This applies to innovative solutions such as lightweight tanks and also flexible rubber hoses which Hoyer brought to the UK bitumen operation after extensive testing with PUMA.

The delivery of a qualitatively faultless product is the responsibility of drivers specially trained to handle these dangerous goods. Garry Brennan, UK Bitumen Contracts Manager for the HOYER Group, says “HOYER places great value on a very high standard of safety, and invests correspondingly in further education and training. Our drivers receive comprehensive initial training which focusses on all aspects of loading and delivering bitumen and includes extensive theory training regarding product knowledge and emergency response behaviours. This intensive training is refreshed every year with a full day of practical training and assessments. The quality and quantity of our compact safety programmes considerably exceed statutory requirements on the British market.” The training package also includes regular training sessions for defensive and fuel-efficient driving, and safe manoeuvring techniques, which help the drivers not only to shape their own behaviour behind the wheel more safely, but also to achieve early recognition of potential risks due to other road users. Logistics operations are also reviewed and readjusted following unannounced checks by HOYER’s driver trainers and managers.

An efficient approach is especially important to the international logistics company, not only in planning and implementation. HOYER uses road tankers with a lightweight construction, and have also worked with clients to develop lightweight solutions for ancillary equipment in order to maximise the product load. This offers our customer double benefits: The reduction in the number of transport movements delivers not only lower costs, but also significant reductions in emissions.

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HOYER, a traditional independent family business, has been one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers since 1946. As a specialist, it has extensive know-how in the provision of complex services, and has special customer proximity. It develops and implements comprehensive solutions in European and worldwide bulk logistics, particularly in the chemical, food, gas and mineral oil industries. For this, about 6,100 employees in more than 115 countries support clients with well-thought-out logistics solutions to make them even more successful in their respective markets. HOYER owns around 2,200 trucks, 2,400 road tankers, 50,100 IBCs, 40,800 tank containers and numerous logistics installations with depots, cleaning plants and workshops.

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