Wherever they may go, HOYER will get chemicals, foodstuffs, gas and mineral oil to their destinations safely and efficiently in tank containers, semi-trailers, flexitanks and IBCs. More than 115 representative offices throughout the world ensure a reliable and smooth transport process and offer every customer the optimal transport container.

Tank containers

HOYER owns around 37,000 tank containers. From standardised tank containers to custom in-house developments for special products, HOYER covers a broad range of customer requirements.

Besides transport, HOYER also offers tank container leasing. All tank containers are regularly subjected to inspections. They also have all required certificates and attestations.

Special developments in the chemical sector include for example innovative insulation technology for hot and cold insulation, intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating systems, pump equipment as well as lined tanks.

In the food sector there is also special equipment available: Reefer containers with integrated cooling and heating systems, containers with baffle walls, multi-compartment containers for the transport of smaller quantities as well as tank containers for kosher products.

Apart from cryogenic or T75 containers for IMO 7 products (cryogenic liquefied gases) HOYER also possesses pressurised gas or T50 containers for IMO 5 products (liquefied gases under pressure) in the gas sector.


Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are an ideal alternative between a drum and a tanker to transport liquid products. The range of IBC services HOYER offers includes fleet management, rental, transport, cleaning, maintenance and repair.

HOYER provides all these services individually, or combines them together to form customised services packages – making use of a European network, comprehensive communications systems and an efficient infrastructure.

The majority of the fleet consists of standardised IBC types, but a large number of small custom-made containers with the required accessories are also available. The IBCs have volumes from 500 to 1,100 litres and are available in various grades of stainless steel as well as with dangerous goods approval.

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Flexitanks are a safe and inexpensive alternative for transporting demanding bulk liquids such as food products in sizes ranging from 14 m3 to 24 m3. Compared to drums, a significant savings of volume per delivery is possible.

HOYER has an own flexitank production in Southeast Asia. This allows better quality control and gives pricing flexibility to ensure continued growth in both manufacturing and transport services.

The modern generation of flexitank containers has double-walled bulkheads and an improved shape, lowering pressure on the doors, enabling the flexitank to be installed more easily and safely and making it more robust overall.

HOYER offers its customers a high-quality 3D animated introduction to the loading and unloading of flexitanks. No matter the quantity, technical assistance can be arranged at any time.

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