The Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) business line undertakes entire logistics processes, both in customers’ plants and off-site, and develops solutions and optimisations for challenging logistics tasks. The portfolio of services comprises:

  • On-site logistics
  • Filling and blending services
  • Intermodal terminal operations
  • Dangerous goods terminal operations
  • Dry-bulk logistics
  • Project development

HOYER operates numerous logistics facilities in Europe. More than 700 SCS staff, with their know-how and a high level of safety, security and quality awareness, ensure the smooth operation of the logistics chain.

HOYER is the only logistics service provider in the chemical industry who offers and bundles the full range of services, creating synergies from which all customers benefit. HOYER provides the logistics infrastructure for this on a needs-oriented basis. You benefit from a broad spectrum of services, efficiently designed logistics processes and individually customised processing of your requirements.

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On-site logistics

HOYER takes over a part of your logistics and integrates itself seamlessly into your business processes with its own employees on the spot. The aim of the collaboration is to optimise the quality of your on-site logistics and to minimise overall supply chain costs.

  • Individually customised on-site logistics concepts
  • Cost transparency
  • Know-how of continually trained staff
  • Utilisation of synergies
  • Seamless integration into the plant’s logistics process

Filling and blending services

HOYER packs almost every liquid chemical product in its own fully and semi-automatic filling plants. On request, HOYER will take over the material directly at the production site and transport it, and will also undertake its distribution.

  • Strongly developed safety culture
  • State-of-the-art filling plants
  • Comprehensive expert knowledge
  • One-stop-shopping reduces interface risks

Intermodal terminal operations

HOYER constantly invests in expanding its intermodal terminal operations, and is continuously enlarging the European network. In addition to its own plant in Germany, HOYER has participated in several intermodal terminals in Europe for many years.

  • Short turnaround times
  • Modern IT systems
  • Large-scale transhipment installations
  • Flexible goods flows
  • On-the-spot repair facilities
  • Safeguarding the cold chain

Dangerous goods terminal operations

HOYER has modern terminals available in which dangerous goods can be transhipped, stored and managed. With innovative storage and goods handling concepts, your products are available at any time. 

  • Highest possible standards of safety and security
  • Use of modern storage management systems
  • Additional services such as weighing, cleaning and servicing

Dry-bulk logistics

HOYER offers individually customised concepts for silo logistics plants, e.g. bulk loading, filling into various containers, storage, dispatch processing and load securing, including servicing and maintenance.

  • Constant availability
  • Fast truck dispatch processing
  • Comprehensive costs overview
  • Handling by logistics specialists

Project development

HOYER develops and plans worldwide logistics activities for you, e.g. new logistics plants including the associated assets, processes and approvals, with the objective of operation at a later date.

  • Tailor-made logistics solutions
  • Competence arising from a large number of projects
  • Use of proven calculation tools
  • Provision of a logistics infrastructure