The HOYER Group has set itself the task of creating a heightened awareness of safety and environment throughout the company. The group-wide SHEQ system is concerned with safety, health, environment and quality. Its aim is to reduce the number of incidents, injuries and environmental impacts to a minimum by professional and qualified action. Performance and efficiency are to be maximised at the same time.

Safety in many ways

As a transporter of dangerous goods HOYER is involved in a demanding and highly sensitive field. The goal is to guarantee the safety of transports, to maintain a safe and secure working environment for staff, customers, partners and the general public, to minimize the impact on the environment and to maintain quality standards at a high level. At HOYER the continuous optimization of processes and equipment as well as the continuous training of staff is the focus of day-to-day operations.

The HOYER Group is committed to achieving the highest standards of SHEQ* performance and to creating a strong safety culture throughout the company to support this objective.

HOYER is a pioneer in this field. This is reflected in the SHEQ principles:

  • To ensure a safe and secure working environment for our staff, customers, partners and the general public.
  • To ensure minimal impact on the environment, on our facilities and those of others.
  • To meet our obligations towards our customers and to exceed them when appropriate.
  • To assess all operational risks and to design systems and procedures to minimize and manage those risks.
  • To report and investigate all incidents and complaints by qualified staff.
  • To implement all corrective and preventive measures and to follow up on them for effectiveness.
  • To widely share best practices, learning and problem solving through open communication across the business and implement them wherever possible.
  • To make long-term investments in systems, staff, training, infrastructure and equipment necessary to run our business safely and professionally.
  • To encourage all employees to take individual responsibility for good SHEQ performance as seriously as the company itself does.

Furthermore, the SHEQ system incorporates additional standards and guidelines in accordance with HACCP and GMP (for foodstuffs and animal feed) as well as individual customer requirements. Beyond its own SHEQ standards, which already exceed legal requirements, HOYER decided to follow the Responsible Care® Initiative and subscribes to the European Road Safety Charter. An international team of SHEQ experts supports the different company divisions in their daily operations throughout Europe. Dangerous goods officers are also part of the team.

HOYER also attaches great importance to continuously improving its services in the areas of health, safety, environmental issues and customer service.

To attain this goal HOYER continuously invests in targeted training programs. To promote the idea of SHEQ HOYER decided to put on the Driver of the Year competition throughout Europe. The competition takes place every two years.

*Safety, health, environment, quality

Sustainability in all areas

HOYER is committed to fulfilling the younger generation’s needs without jeopardising the needs of future generations. The sustainability policy manifested in a document is addressed equally to employees, partner companies and customers. Quantifiable values that HOYER intends to attain within a defined period of time have been defined in the areas of social responsibility, the environment and economic efficiency.

In concrete terms, this means HOYER will in future measure its transport operations based on the following criteria: number of trucks of each Euro type, fuel consumption, proportion of intermodal transport, distribution of losses and leaks according to our own and third party responsibility, and the CO2 emissions of all transport operations in accordance with the CEFIC Guideline of the European Chemical Industry Council.

The aim is to further improve the operational workflow of all transport movements. For this purpose, there will be greater optimisation of speed, more efficient route planning design, avoidance of empty journeys, intensified driver training and greater use of rail.

HOYER constantly invests in the systems, employees, training measures, infrastructure and equipment needed for a safe, professional course of business. All subcontractors are integrated into the TQM and SHEQ systems established by HOYER. Subcontractors in the transport area that have not yet adopted this system are urged to follow company policy.

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