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Supply Chain Services gain momentum

HOYER Group creates a modern logistics centre

Hamburg, 3 December 2020 – The new 38,000 m2 logistics centre in the Dormagen Chempark is one of the biggest, most complex supply chain projects managed by HOYER from scratch.  After a construction phase of around two years, the facilities on the previously unused site were gradually brought into operation in the summer of 2020. The building project’s design was preceded by extensive analyses of customers’ needs and their supply chain processes. Around 20 employees in five facilities now ensure smoothly-running processes along the supply chain of the local chemical industry.

The newly-built logistics centre proves the competence of HOYER to develop comprehensive supply chain solutions in contract logistics. An understanding of details and extensive expertise regarding the processes within customers’ own procedures are the key to this. Ulrich Grätz, Global Director, Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) in the HOYER Group, says, “The logistics centre is entirely built and structured according to customers’ differentiated needs. Extensive analyses, discussions and tightly scheduled project management formed the basis. Despite minor delays due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are very satisfied.” HOYER invested around EUR 25 million in the logistics centre, which was largely completed in June 2020 after a two-year construction phase. Around 20 employees operate state-of-the-art equipment on the site, e.g. a filling plant adapted in accordance with customer’s requirements. Moreover, specially-developed warehouse storage software is being used.
The complex consists of a total of five subdivisions.

One of these divisions is a warehouse building with storage bays for 10,000 metal boxes full of synthetic rubber. The HOYER Group transports these exclusively for one customer from its facility in the Chempark to the warehouse building. Here, employees take care of moving the boxes into and out of storage, prepare them for shipment and load them onto trucks for transport.

The second subdivision, the pallet warehouse, contains 12,000 high-rack storage bays for various raw materials and finished goods. Grätz says, “The tasks we perform for our customers include storage-related services such as putting packed goods on pallets into storage, warehousing them and retrieving them from storage.”

The packaging materials warehouse, which has more than 3,000 storage spaces, is situated adjacent to the pallet warehouse. HOYER undertakes a series of logistics processes such as putting packaging materials into storage and storing them, taking them out of storage and loading them. The comprehensive package of services also includes labelling and packaging materials monitoring, together with various special tasks on request. The services are supplemented by filling and storing polyurethane dispersions. Two filling plants are situated in this area of the logistics centre for this purpose. The HOYER team plans and carries out transport movements of products from the production facility to the logistics centre, and fills dispersions into drums and bulk packs. Ulrich Grätz adds, “We also carry out the handling of full packages, preparation for shipment, order-picking, loading and shipment.”

The construction time of the whole logistics centre was about two years. As Ulrich Grätz emphasises, “By implementing this major project, we further strengthened our name as a logistics services specialist along our customers’ entire supply chain. We have also undertaken this task for the future: to supply solutions and set standards in the market.”

The logistics solutions provided by Supply Chain Solutions are used worldwide. The division’s core activities comprise all the logistics processes in the customer’s plant and off-site, including on-site logistics, filling and blending, operating intermodal terminals, dangerous goods terminals and dry-bulk logistics. The HOYER Group is currently represented in more than 30 different international chemicals producers’ plants, including at several sites in Germany, China and Saudi-Arabia. The logistics specialist operates wherever the chemical industry has a demand for tailor-made logistics solutions – in reliable quality and to the highest safety standards.

HOYER, a traditional independent family business, has been one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers since 1946. As a specialist, it has extensive know-how in the provision of complex services, and has special customer proximity. It develops and implements comprehensive solutions in European and worldwide bulk logistics, particularly in the chemical, food, gas and mineral oil industries. For this, about 6,100 employees in more than 115 countries support clients with well-thought-out logistics solutions to make them even more successful in their respective markets. HOYER owns around 2,200 trucks, 2,400 road tankers, 50,100 IBCs, 40,800 tank containers and numerous logistics installations with depots, cleaning plants and workshops.

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