Staff changes at HOYER for Intermodal Traffic and Road Continent

Jan-Willem Jansen and Thorsten Reichel join the Business Unit Chemilog

Hamburg, January 2012 - Jan-Willem Jansen (42) is taking charge of intermodal transport within the HOYER’s business unit Chemilog. The Dutchman gathered his extensive insights into the industry at a range of different logistics companies, both in the Netherlands and Germany. In his new position, Jansen will continue to develop the business unit’s intermodal transport operations, in particular by optimizing its procedures. All in all, HOYER carries out more than 140,000 intermodal transport operations every year.

Thorsten Reichel (47) will be responsible for the Road Continent and Product Lines sector of the Chemilog business unit. After university and having spent some time abroad, the trained shipping merchant held a range of executive positions at various logistics companies.

Reichel intends to focus on continuing to increase the level of quality offered by HOYER’s road transport operations, and to further expand its network. He is planning to optimize costs by increasing the efficiency of the company-owned fleets, and collaborating even more closely with the intermodal transport division.

Through its business unit Chemilog, HOYER manages the entire European-wide flow of goods and the corresponding information on behalf of customers in the chemical industry. An effective supply chain management guarantees a high level of delivery quality along the entire transport chain. HOYER believes that intermodal transport is not simply a particular variety of transportation but part of a wider logistical concept. Its focus lies on competitiveness, efficiency, safety, dependability and plannability as well as the demand for means of transport that minimise the impact on the environment and on natural resources. 

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