HOYER wins award for its composite tank containers

Lightweight freight containers save costs and protect the environment

Hamburg – 16 November 2015 – The logistics specialist HOYER uses lightweight tanks made of composite material. In October 2015 the Hamburg-based company already put into operation its 15th composite tank from the Dutch manufacturer Tankwell, with whom the innovative container was developed a year and a half ago. The test phase with the initial customers proceeded to the great satisfaction of all those involved. 

HOYER has just been awarded for this with the BASF Global Supplier Award 2015 in the sustainability section. BASF honoured outstanding concepts by its partners in the context of the Global Supplier Day. The Ludwigshafen chemical company is the first user of the HOYER composite tanks, and has accompanied its development since its design concept phase and uses them in various product areas. Further possible uses are currently being examined together with HOYER.

The special characteristic feature of plastic tanks is their low weight of just 2,200 kilograms for a 31,000 litre capacity. Thus the load capacity of composite containers is about two tons larger compared to conventional steel tanks. This is made possible by a special composite material that also has good thermal properties and reduces heating processes.

Ulrich Graupe, HOYER’s Director of Equipment Management, says “The composite tanks have already been operating on certain selected routes since early 2015, and have now successfully completed more than 500 transport movements. This development jointly with Tankwell is further proof of our company’s innovative approach for the benefit of our customers.”

Thus once again HOYER gives a clear signal when it comes to sustainability. Graupe’s satisfied view is that “We save both energy and transport costs by using composite tanks, and we reduce the number of traffic movements through their high load capacity. We thereby lower the CO2 emissions of our transport operations, thus continuing the positive effect we have already achieved in past years.” HOYER has set itself an internal target of using a series of actions to reduce the amount of CO2 per tonne-kilometre throughout the company by a total of 25 per cent by 2020.

About the HOYER Group:
HOYER is an independent family enterprise dating back to 1946 which has become one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers, offering comprehensive transport services and complex logistics solutions to the chemical, food, gas and petroleum industries. More than 5,100 employees in over 115 countries across the globe help its customers to become even more successful in their respective markets, with the aid of bespoke and sophisticated logistics solutions. HOYER operates 34,000 tank containers, 2,500 trucks, 3,000 road tankers, 24,000 IBCs, and numerous logistics facilities, transport depots, tank cleaning stations and specialist tank workshops.

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Fried-Walter Münstermann (President Procurement BASF), Ortwin Nast (CEO HOYER), Dr. Roland Pütz (Director Business Unit Chemilog HOYER), Stefan Bartens (Vice President Logistics Procurement Europe BASF), Karin Helmstaedt (Event Moderator)