HOYER participates in “ChemLog Tracking and Tracing”

European project designed to make intermodal transports of dangerous goods safer

Hamburg, 25 April 2014 – The Hamburg-based HOYER Group is a partner of the EU-supported “ChemLog Tracking and Tracing (T&T)” project which is designed to use improved GPS surveillance to make the intermodal transport of dangerous goods in Europe safer and more transparent. An especially equipped HOYER tank container is being transported throughout Europe to help achieve that goal.

The collaborative project “ChemLog T&T” started in July 2012 and involves public administrations, chemical business associations and research institutions from eight European countries. The project’s goal is to test and standardize currently available tracking and tracing systems in order to improve them for their use in intermodal traffic. Future systems are even supposed to be enabled to automatically send a message notifying rescue crews of accidents.

Being one of the project partners, the HOYER Group has made a tank container available for a pilot transport. The container is outfitted with transponder systems made by five different manufacturers and the transport is carried out for a large chemical client under real-life conditions. The tank container left Great Britain in the beginning of April 2014 and arrived on schedule a few days later at the HOYER terminal in ValuePark Schkopau (Germany). From there, it will be brought to its final destination in the Ukraine via Hungary.

The tank container’s entire route is being closely monitored. Among other things, the project partners are documenting the quality of the GPS information in order to enable the subsequent implementation of technical improvements. “Transportation safety is a core concern of ours”, says Hans Demarest, Manager Tankpool Management at HOYER. „As a partner of the project ‘ChemLog T&T’ we are glad to contribute our know-how and our many years of experience in intermodal traffic. That way we are actively supporting the development of future tracking and tracing technologies.”

About the HOYER Group:
HOYER is a traditional, independent family enterprise dating back to 1946 and has become one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers, offering comprehensive expertise in complex services and maintaining characteristically close relations with its customers. In European and worldwide bulk logistics, comprehensive solutions are developed and implemented, especially for the chemical, food, gas and petroleum industries. 5,000 employees in over 80 countries help its customers to become even more successful in their respective markets, with the aid of sophisticated logistics solutions. HOYER operates more than 2,300 trucks, 3,000 trailers, 22,000 IBCs, 30,000 tank containers and numerous logistics sites with depots, washing facilities and workshops.

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