What kind of an intermediate bulk container (IBC) do you require?

Special IBC Type 400 C
e.g. coatings, paintings

Standard IBC Type 410 C
e.g. lubricants, solvents

Cubic IBC Type 424
e.g. flavourings, technical alcohols, perfumes

Electric heated and insulated IBC Type 434 C
e.g. paraffin, adhesives, polyol, fatty alcohols 

Steam heated IBC Type 436 C
e.g. paraffins, adhesives, polyols

Aseptic IBC Type 460 C
e.g. pharmaceutical products, detergents, cosmetics

Or do you require?

Agitator Type 471 C / 472 C incl. transportation box Type 497
e.g. paraffin, adhesives, polyol, fatty alcohols, lubricants, solvents
only in combination with Type 410 C and 434 C