Sound business dealing is an important factor for HOYER's success and is largely determined by the performance of staff. HOYER provides a well working framework for this: long-term employment, international development opportunities, use of expertise, manageable tasks and high safety standards.

Further education
The logistics industry is steadily increasing in complexity. That is why it is not just the work content that is interesting and challenging, employees also receive on-going training to meet new requirements. Regular feedback sessions and agreements on organizational, team and individual objectives ensure the promotion of strengths and enable systematic development.

Long-term employment not only provides security for staff, it also creates the conditions for professional development within the company – even internationally. This strategy receives its validation from the high employee retention rate with numerous anniversaries of up to 40 years of company service.

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Staff development

HOYER continuously develops the competencies of the own staff. It offers in-house and external training courses and an e-learning portal. Specialist and management positions are frequently filled internally.

Human Resources
The Human Resources department is a partner for both management and staff. It provides information about new developments in labour law, the jobs market and compensation. It supports management in designing and implementing custom-tailored training programmes – for existing areas of responsibility as well as in preparation for a new position.

Management Development
The Management Development programme trains staff to become the management of tomorrow. In international groups, participants explore their role as a manager. Starting with the tools for successful leadership and moving to reflecting their own behaviour – strategies for results-oriented management are developed and trained using colleagues as sparring partners.

Three blocks of subjects are handled within a period of 12–15 months:

  • Process management and team building
  • Management and communication
  • Conflict management, feedback and coaching as a management task

Employer commitment

Sound and responsible performance as the decisive criterion not only influences company management, but also employee relations.

Compensation and social benefits
Security, work-life balance, recognition of the work done and motivation for future tasks – market comparisons and attractive social benefits are the foundation of the compensation structure at HOYER:

  • Time accounts and the possibility of accumulating credit hours
  • Bonus system
  • Variable deferred compensation as part of the retirement plan
  • Food services in the cafeterias
  • Occupational health care


Respectful interaction, esteem and intercultural skills form the basis of cooperation at HOYER. Willingness to help and a high level of trust among colleagues as well as the reliability of managers characterise their work together.

Commercial area
In the commercial area, our own network within the company significantly contributes to the efficient and successful execution of everyday tasks – active communication and openness as well as an “open door” policy are lived.

Industrial-technical area
In the industrial-technical area, safety requirements are a matter of high importance. For this reason, cooperation is particularly characterised by carefulness, reliability and a strong community spirit. Independent delivery of results in the daily work play an important role, particularly for drivers.

Team building
Shared activities support the positive and open corporate culture – from the annual Christmas party and regular summer parties, motorcycle tours and football tournaments to canoeing and water skiing.